This website is a road trip, and there is no right or wrong way to take a road trip.

Just start somewhere. Maybe here, or here. Here works, too. At the end of the day this seems like as good a place as any, too.

The easiest route begins here — but what you do after that is up to you.

Unfulfilled is a choose your own adventure novel without choice. It is a story about a dead, well-off Georgia boy, and how his best friend and ex-girlfriend decided to use his body for some poorly rehearsed art activism. That is, if they can keep it together long enough to get to the protests in Memphis, Tennessee.

Or if you feel like following them.

So take the detours or barrel ahead to Graceland. Meander around the side-streets of Clairsville or blaze a trail in the margins.  Some of these detours will end in dead ends, construction, and potential energy. Some are ladders to other chapters, others chutes to older segments. A few, quite likely, will be a total waste of your time. Some might inspire a detour of your own.

The Unfulfilled Novel is not meant to be finished, nor fulfilled. It’s not meant to be much of anything, really, other than what we make it. It isn’t fiction, it isn’t false. It’s not really a novel.

This website is a road trip.

Stop overthinking it and click.